Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Version 0.0.2 (ALPHA) Uploaded

Finally, an uploadable ISO has been created!! The version 0.0.1 didn't pass the tests even in my own machine, so was never released. Besides, 0.0.1 didn't include many important packages.
Version 0.0.2 is still an ALPHA release, though! It has run quite well in a Virtual Box environment and on a small partition of my hard drive. I couldn't test the LILO boot-loader on my main machine simply because the other OSs installed use GRUB, and I'm not really familiar with LILO! LILO worked well in the VBox environ.
However, test runs on other machines must be made. The problem is I don't possess a spare one! That's why I'm uploading it. Please download the ISO, install, test and comment! (The size of ISO file is 556.1 MB on hard disk). Be sure to notify me of problems/bugs AND also your suggestions about how to get over them (I'm a NO-GEEK, remember!!! :D)

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